TSF Academy Sport Science provides players with a platform to improve their strength, conditioning, and speed. Physical training is a key element in preparing for any soccer game. Our Sport Science Department has blended an understanding of both the physiological demands of the sport as well as the practical knowledge of the demands soccer has.

At TSF Academy, we strive to increase the overall physical attributes to enable our players and teams to progress and push themselves to the next level. In doing this, we help strengthen the core muscle groups while maintaining flexibility and decreasing the risk of injury. We do this in the form of strength and conditioning sessions in the winter, as well as Speed, Agility and Quickness {SAQ} sessions throughout the spring. We continue to monitor the individual and teams progress throughout the year with our Physical Testing days which allows us to individualize training programs for teams and players.

For those individuals that need extra attention to these areas, we offer private or small group sessions at extra cost. We work hand in hand with the head coach of the team to identify areas that need improvement or fine-tune and adjust proficient attributes.

Please contact Patrick O’Connor if you have any questions regarding TSF Academy Sport Science at (973) 696-9199 or poconnor@tsfacademy.com.