All TSF Academy players must be registered to be sanctioned to play in games and practices.

Club Team(s) (U11-U17 Boys & Girls)- 2015/2016

TSF Academy Players registered with our Club teams must register solely for TSF Academy. If you are a member of a TSF Academy Club Team you must complete and submit the following forms and paperwork to compete in EDP, NJYS League Play, NJYS National Championship, Super Y-League, US Club Soccer National Championship and Tournaments:

US Club/Super Y Select Players (U13-U17 Boys and Girls)

If you play with another NJ Youth Soccer Club but are joining TSF Academy for Super Y-League play you must complete the following forms and paperwork:

Inter Academy (U9-U10 & Development Teams)

If you are joining Inter Academy you must complete the following forms and paperwork:

Registration Information for Players Registered with other New Jersey Club Teams

US Soccer by laws allow players to be simultaneously registered with TSF Academy via US Club Soccer and New Jersey Youth Soccer, the state affiliate of US Youth Soccer. Therefore, you can continue to play for your New Jersey Youth Soccer club team while participating with TSF Academy in Super Y Select or the Inter Academy Program. Players whose own Club teams are registered with US Club Soccer are still permitted to register and be double carded with TSF Academy subject to their team's approval.