To meet our mission, TSF Academy has adopted the following ten point philosophy:

  1. Plan and create a proactive, well-structured and resourced talent development program completely designed and overseen by experienced Soccer Directors and Managers committed to the mission, without parental influence or agenda's.

  2. Operate TSF Academy as a business to be financially stable, ensure funding of required resources and plan for future capital improvements.

  3. Create fund raising initiatives to provide financial assistance to low income families and ensure every capable player is given opportunity to participate.

  4. Develop strong relationships with local soccer clubs to educate and partner with them on our vision, provide knowledge and assistance with their own program development and ultimately increase the flow of young players into our club.

  5. Encourage players to have the ambition and motivation to develop the characteristics to play at the youth National Team, college and/or professional level.

  6. Provide a Club model giving players every opportunity to fulfill their talent and potential in an environment that is supportive and orientated towards the long-term development of each individual; Strong emphasis on technical development and creativity over winning at the younger ages.

  7. Provide players and parents with a complete soccer education covering not only technical, physical and tactical elements but also dealing with nutrition, injury prevention and mental elements of the game.

  8. Provide top-level facilities for games and practices that maximize use of use of technique and quicken speed of play.

  9. Provide a committed and educated coaching staff that has succeeded at the level they aspire to play at, and are educated, experienced and qualified to coach and groom high-level players.

  10. Provide enjoyable activities off the field for players and families to create a club culture and encourage alumni to remain involved and give back to the program.