TSF Academy Renew Sponsorship with Moe's Southwest Grill

Tuesday August 15th, 2017

Here at TSF Academy we care as much about what goes on our jersey, as we do about the player inside it. Our long-standing relationship with Moe’s Southwest Grill is a testament to this. For six years now, players and coaches alike have proudly worn the signature Moe’s patch on their sleeve, confident in the values and philosophy of the brand.

Moe’s serves honestly good food that is fresh, flavorful and handcrafted for you. With more than 20 fresh ingredients, like grass-fed steak, organic tofu and handcrafted guac, they give you the freedom to create exactly what you’re craving. And they take pride in the fact that their words are as authentic as our food. For example, when they say their chicken is all-natural, it’s true all the time in every restaurant. No fine print, asterisks or double speak. That’s just how they roll.

Franchise owner, Lee DiPrizito, has built a brand comprised around ‘excellence’, a quality we always aspire to in our club. “We understand the importance of fueling these athletes the right way to improve performance on the field.” Through fresh, flavorful ingredients, handcrafted instore daily, Moe’s provides honest fresh-to-order options daily for everyone.

Now entering its second year, The Moe’s Southwest Grill Scholarship will provide one player a $1000 donation to help with their fees for the upcoming season. The scholarship is aimed at both boys and girls, on teams aged U15-18, in their crucial years before making the transition to college. TSF understands the importance of these years in getting the attention of college coaches, securing a spot for the season, and future scholarship opportunities.

Applications for the scholarship will be considered by the coaching staff here at TSF Academy and will be judged upon the following factors:

  • GPA – Here at TSF we aim to develop strong players on the field, with a winning attitude in the classroom. We understand the importance of academics in creating a well-rounded “Student Athlete”.
  • Community Based Work – We are looking for an individual who is willing to give something back to their local community. This can be done in many ways; coaching rec clinics, volunteer work, assisting in fund raising activities to name a few.
  • On-The-Field Professionalism – This will not just be judged on performance. You are representing not only yourself, but also the badge on your jersey.