TSF Academy 03 Boys Travel to Argentina

August, 11th 2017

On July 31 2017, TSF Academy took a group of players to train and see the wonderful lifestyle of Argentina for 10 days. The main purpose of taking the group was not only to play four games, but also to expand their knowledge, embrace the passion, and absorb the culture. TSF played against professional youth academy teams Banfield, Boca Juniors, San Lorenzo, and Ferrocaril Oeste.

Our first game saw the boys take on Banfield and get off to a rough start. After the first half, the boys picked it up and really pushed however suffered a loss of 5-2. After every game for a coach or a player, there is always a learning value in the soccer aspect, but for this game, there seemed to be so much more than that. The TSF group learned beyond the playing value. They saw how Banfield played with straps to mark the field, unlike the American style of fresh cut and frequently painted lines. We learned that Banfield uses straps based on their opposition, to make it bigger or smaller, and also used the straps to form different types of drills for their coaching points. It seemed to be a tough loss for the boys, but it was overcome by the great learning value and eye-opening facility.

TSF 03 Boys enjoying the tour of professional club Boca Juniors

The next game brought equally difficult opposition in professional team Boca Juniors, at their new training facility. The boys bounced back well, starting the game off strong. After some tactical changes, Coach Mendoza and Coach Patino saw their team prevail with 3-1. After the game, a radiant group noticed a big difference in the atmosphere on the field, parents were only allowed to watch games from the balcony, 300 yards away from the field: something strange to see from an American standpoint. After the game, the TSF had a surprise speaker for the boys. Claudio Vivas, the director of coaching of Boca Juniors, took time out of his hectic schedule to give a lecture to the group of boys about his wisdom and point of view of the soccer lifestyle in Argentina. Later, the coaches had dinner with Vivas, shared stories, and discussed their points of view about their passion for futbol.

TSF Director of Coaching Luis Mendoza meets Claudio Vivas of Boca Juniors

As the third game dawned, the group was really beginning to gel both on and off the field. The third game was against San Lorenzo. The TSF Boys combined effectively and were really in-sync with every attack and defensive move. After the game, the boys had the opportunity to share stories and experiences with their Argentinian opposition. TSF ended winning the game 1-0, before moving on to face Ferrocaril Oeste, a very good group and tied 1-1.

Facundo Ruscica of San Lorenzo meets Luis Mendoza

Looking back on the trip, there was so much to gain from it. From a kiss on the cheek to mate (tea), to a walk at El Caminito; all of this just showed the way of life in Argentina, a country that eats, breathes, and sleeps futbol. TSF hopes that these learning experiences will give the group a better outlook at how things are outside of America and how lucky they are for what they have: parental and coaching support, neatly kept facilities, and many more resources. Mendoza and Patino hope that the boys’ retention of these experiences will help or be the key for their development and future. As well as the learning benefits, we hope the boys have memories that will last forever, pictures and stories that can always be treasured, and friends that will last as long as time.

Coach Luis and Coach Alex with players of San Lorenzo

We would like to give a special thank you to Sergio Neveleff of Futbol America for making this trip a possibility.