Steven Ortiz: Recipient of Moes Scholarship Award

Tuesday July 12th, 2016

TSF Academy Goalkeeper, Steven Ortiz (Rising U'17) was the proud recipient of the Moe's Scholarship fund for the 2015-16 season. Steven received scholarship based on his outstanding community service, academic reports, behaviour and attitude both on and off the field. TSF Academy would like to thank Moe's for it's continued support of our club 

Through the generosity of Lee DiPrizito and the Moe’s Southwest Grill team, TSF Academy offered Steven Ortiz a $1000 scholarship to help with his fees for the 2015-16 season. This is the first time such an opportunity has been offered and highlights the involvement of our long-standing sponsor. “Here at Moe's we like to align ourselves with excellence, and in TSF Academy we feel we are doing just that. We're looking for someone who excels both on the field and off it, and who would benefit from the scholarship.”

TSF Academy players and coaches alike have proudly worn the Moe’s patch on their uniform for the past 5 years, and Moe's continued support is a testament to the values and philosophy of their company. “The involvement of Moe’s Southwest Grill here at TSF Academy has always been more than financial. They care about our players, both on and off the field, and want to see them succeed. We’re delighted to be able to offer such an opportunity, knowing how big of an impact this could have upon someone’s life.” Managing Partner Steve Beneventine commented.

The scholarship fund is aimed at both boys and girls, on teams aged U15-18, in their crucial years before making the transition to college. TSF understand the importance of these years in getting the attention of college coaches, securing a spot for the season, and future scholarship possibilities.

Applicants for the need-based scholarship were considered by the coaching staff here at TSF Academy and judged upon the following factors:

•GPA – Here at TSF we aim to develop strong players on the field, with a winning attitude in the classroom. We understand the importance of academics and understand the role that athletics can play within that.

•Community Based Work – We are looking for an individual who is willing to give something back to their local community. This can be done in many ways: coaching rec clinics; volunteer work; assisting in fund raising activities to name a few.

•On the field professionalism – This will not just be judged on performance. On the field you represent yourself, but also the badge on your shirt. What does your performance say about TSF Academy?

•Financial Situation – The scholarship is being offered to a player in need of financial aid and as with all instances of financial aid, proof of earnings must be shown.