Get Better This Summer  

Striking & Finishing  

This class focuses on the technical aspects of striking the ball to develop accuracy and power, combined with other aspects of finishing. The course is a great fit for any young attacking-minded player, who needs their skills fine-tuning for the top level.

With a specific focus on the technique of striking the ball, we are looking to develop players’ ability to affect games in and around the box. Many players struggle to master the art of striking the ball while moving to goal, or manufacture goal scoring opportunities with the ball at their feet. The focus for this class is providing the solutions to these common problems, including angle of approach, striking for power vs striking for accuracy and how to strike in certain areas (eg. power, loft, curve etc.).

The course also teaches the movement of attacking players in the build up to goal and when attacking crosses from wide areas. With younger players now unable to head the ball, we look to identify alternative ways to finish from crosses, as well as making players more comfortable with balls played into the box. For older players we will focus on the technique of heading, teaching this in a safe environment before applying this to goal scoring opportunities.