The Sports Factory


  1. The Sports Factory - Reserves the right to impose sanctions and or penalties for harassment of officials and staff by coaches, players or spectators. Penalties will include removal of offending party from the field and or facility.

  2. Conduct - Coaches are responsible for their own conduct as well as the conduct of their players and parents.

  3. Parking - please park in designated parking spaces. Do not park along the curb or in the grass in front of the dome.

  4. Inclement Weather - Regardless of the weather conditions, The Sports Factory will be open for business unless otherwise notified. Failure to appear will result in forfeiture of game/ tournament/ league game and forfeiture of associated entry fees for that specific day or time period.

  5. No outside food permitted, No food is allowed on the field level, your team must clean up your bench area and or practice area after each game and or practice.

  6. No alcoholic beverages allowed at The Sports Factory.

  7. No Pets allowed.

  8. No smoking in the dome.

  9. No Gum Allowed in The Sports Factory.

  10. No appeals will be heard.

  11. No protests will be heard.

  12. NO CLEATS.

  13. No children permitted on the fields without supervision.

DePaul Catholic High School


  1. The DePaul field is a No Smoking Facility.

  2. No Dogs are allowed on the DePaul field.

  3. No chewing gum is allowed at DePaul.

  4. There is no parking in the DePaul lot. Everyone must park in the Cost Cutters/Charlie Brown parking lot adjacent to the field off Hamburg Turnpike.

  5. Coaches, players and parents are responsible for making sure that the field is picked up after their game. Both the home and visiting teams must pick up the sidelines and spectator areas. Garbage cans will be provided near the field for this purpose.

  6. All parents and children must be behind the black fencing and/or in the bleachers during game(s).