TSF Academy Total Concept Classes  

Training Program Description
TSF Academy Total Concept Training is designed to build and develop fundamental skills and game understanding for players with a holistic approach for players aspiring to play at the highest level.

Fundamental and Advanced Soccer concepts, techniques and principles of the game are taught, honed and practiced with repetition the key to success. Players are placed in game-type scenario exercises to
develop the decision-making process.

Topics covered (not limited too) over the 5-week block are:
- Fundamental Ball Mastery techniques
- 1 v 1 Skills,
- Shooting and Finishing,
- Passing and Receiving techniques,
- Aerial Control.

Sessions will be tailored to the individual needs of the players so each session will vary based on the group. Special care and attention willprovided for each session to place players in a postive and challenging environment teaching them in line with TSF Academy philosophies.