TSF Academy are hosting one day training camps for all academy players. Hosted by TSF Academy coaches, the camp will combine technical elements with team shape and tactical exercises.

The camp allows our highly qualified coaching staff intense training exercises, competitive small sided games, and position specific training. Players will be separated by age group and work in team settings when available.

Teacher's Convention Camp Details
Dates: 11/09 & 11/10
Time: 9am-2pm (Early Drop-Off Starts at 8:30am)
Location: The Sports Factory, 175 Beaverbrook Road, Lincoln Park
Price: $95 for two days, $50 for one
Age Groups: 2010-2004 Boys and Girls
Day 1 is focused around the technical aspect of the game, working on our players awareness, body shape, first touch, decision making, speed of play, confidence and execution. We will do this through a variety of unopposed and small sided exercises, looking for our players to ultimately be able to execute their decisions quickly and effectively in game situations.
Day 2 is focused around the tactical aspect of the game, working on our players movements both in and out of possession. We will be looking to improve our players decision making, angles, aggression, positive thinking, body shape and movements in each third of the field. Without the ball we want our players to be aware of when to press and when to hold, to cut off line of passes, to have a better understanding of individual and collective team shape. With the ball we are looking to improve our players awareness of space, movement to create space for teammates/dragging opposition players out of position, create angles to combine and know when to possess and when to penetrate. 
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